More Ways to Connect: Profile & Search Updates

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More Ways to Connect: Profile & Search Updates

Check out these big updates to Wisr, including a profile revamp, a much more powerful search tool, and smarter recommendations.

How can you help? What are your goals?

Your profile will now display your ways you can help (for alumni and supporters) or your current goals (for students). You can select these items from a preset list including options like deciding which classes to take, learning about graduate schools, and finding an internship. The list is designed to help us initiate conversations, based on the most requested topics from students and recent graduates. We encourage advisors and mentors to have conversations outside the bounds of the specified topics when appropriate.


Many students using Wisr are looking for guidance in a specific area. Keeping these options up to date will help us make the right connections available through recommendations and searching.

More powerful search tools.

In addition to supporting search for ways you can help, the updated search tool adds new filters, so you can narrow your search by:

  • School affiliation (e.g. student, alum, faculty)
  • Job title
  • Major
  • Location


Smarter recommendations.

Wisr’s recommendation algorithm suggests members you might want to connect with based on factors like academic concentration and career interests. Recommendations are now available for all members, including alumni. The recommendations you see on your dashboard will highlight your mutual interests, giving you easy talking points to include in an intro message.


Suggestions for strengthening your profile.

You will now see automatic suggestions for strengthening your profile. Adding content to your profile and keeping existing information up to date will help you appear more frequently in searches and recommendations. These suggestions will include updates like:

  • Adding professional experience
  • Writing a personal summary
  • Joining communities

Co-founder & President

John Knific is co-founder and President of Wisr. An entrepreneur who is passionate about what education technology can do for students, John's on a mission to tackle the big challenge of getting students connected with jobs after college by engaging alumni.

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