Our Top 5 Favorite Student Engagement Campaigns

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Our Top 5 Favorite Student Engagement Campaigns

When we say our clients are awesome, we really mean it. They know what works for their campus culture and have embraced it. We put our heads together to feature some of our favorite student engagement campaigns as the semester gets rolling.

Denison University

denison-campaignNot a dating app or missed connection… just Wisr.

The Knowlton Center at Denison knows how to have a sense of humor while engaging students. This month they kicked off a love themed campaign with fake Tinder profiles and missed connection ads to catch student’s eyes for the campus marketing.

These posters will be displayed around campus for a grassroots engagement effort.

Oberlin College & Conservatory

oberlin-campaignWhat can you do with a golf cart, a world renowned music conservatory, and an owl costume? Oberlin’s Coffee Connections campaign.

We were very happy to participate in this campaign by parading our mascot, Nestor the Owl, around campus to boost awareness. Oberlin has decided to do a speed mentoring effort at their local coffee shop to show students that alumni are highly accessible and willing to share their experiences with fellow students. Nestor will be making a scene showing students what a ‘slam dunk’ getting help from alumni can be.

Kalamazoo College

kalamazoo-campaignKZoo is putting together a very classy campaign featuring alumni volunteers in Wisr. The career team reached out to 5 successful alumni volunteers who cover a breadth of experience and industries to conduct a targeted email marketing campaign to students. We love this because the alumni profiles go deeper than normal to help the students with additional context. Another added bonus: alumni feel like heroes because their alma mater is featuring them as a successful product of the school’s education. This is a win-win.

Case Western Reserve University


Case took the opportunity to show off their career center resources for freshmen at orientation. The career center handed out branded cell phone wallets containing resource business cards with information about getting alumni advice through Wisr and applying for jobs through Handshake.

Case has effectively driven thousands of participants into their Alumni Career Network by leveraging a wide variety of social print, email, and event channels.


University of Chicago

chicago-campaignEvery year UChicago hosts a wonderful event, called Taking the Next Step, where they bring in about 200 alumni to spend the morning networking with current students. They host lunch round table discussions and industry specific panels. UChicago asked us to help create a landing page for them as a follow up to this event to encourage continued networking and connections via Wisr. What we love about this is they’re combining two highly successful programs to continue to improve opportunities for their students.

Co-founder & President

John Knific is co-founder and President of Wisr. An entrepreneur who is passionate about what education technology can do for students, John's on a mission to tackle the big challenge of getting students connected with jobs after college by engaging alumni.

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