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Remember that Done is Better than Perfect

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Remember that Done is Better than Perfect

“Just get the damn website up already, or send out the mailer, or make the sales calls, or book the gig even though you’re not totally ready yet. Nobody else cares or will probably even notice that everything isn’t 100 percent perfect—and, quite honestly, nothing ever will be 100 percent perfect anyway, so you might as well start now.”

This quote came across my desk today and I was reminded that when you’re trying to build something amazing and meaningful, you can’t slow yourself down making sure everything is just right. You take what you believe in, build a team that shares that passion, and you move forward.

Wisr turns two today and it feels really really good.

Over the past two years, our team has accomplished so much, but here is what makes me the most proud:

1) Earning the trust of our customers

Wisr would not be here today without our five development partners at the University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve University, Denison University, Cedarville University, and Oberlin College. These five schools believed in our vision and were with us from day one and committed to Wisr before there was even software. Our team felt that trust and worked extremely hard to make sure we held up our end of the bargain.

2) Creating and maintaining a team culture where doing good is a constant

We’re all here because we believe it’s time for technology to level the playing field for students without resources. It’s our privilege to speak with leaders at universities, hear what’s slowing them down, and try our hardest to make it better. Our team is always coming up with new ideas to better engage students and to also improve the experience for students and alumni.

3) Having customers come with tech challenges they need solved

I think the highest compliment we could get as a company is to have our clients come to us with other tech challenges they’re facing and asking us to solve them. If you can’t tell, we love our clients back.

4) Making a commitment to sharing what we learn on a broad scale

It felt selfish of us to keep all of that knowledge we gain during our conversations with schools from discovery calls. We decided to commit serious funding from our budget to create a series of summits across the country for university administrators to share their ideas for free. In partnership with our client hosts, we’ve now brought together almost 100 different universities from across the country to collaborate.

So, we head into our third year more optimistic than ever. We know we won’t always be perfect, but there is work to be done and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Co-founder & CEO

Kate is passionate about helping students find success in their pursuit of higher education which was the catalyst for launching Wisr where she currently serves as CEO

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