Wisr Announces Five Pilot Partners

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Wisr Announces Five Pilot Partners

Wisr is very excited to announce a two-year development partnership with University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve University, Denison University, Oberlin College, and Cedarville University.

About the Partnership

Wisr vetted over 300 regional institutions to identify forward-thinking teams with the vision to build something truly unique and powerful for higher education. Development partners are required to assemble a cross functional team of career services, alumni relations, and advancement administrators and meet in-person for a quarterly advisory summit. Further, the project is intended to serve as a campus-wide platform to engage the entire student, alumni, and staff base. In exchange for the commitment, Wisr dedicated six months of product roadmap, prioritizing the feedback from its development partners. The Wisr Development Partners will be going live with their sandbox environment in October of 2016, and inviting Alumni and Students to the platform early in the New Year.

Overview of Partner Goals

case western reserve university

While Case’s dual alumni communities are actively volunteering, they have lacked data-driven mechanism to match and facilitate advisory boards for individual students. Wisr will track the conversion of new alumni engagements and student activity as part of their pilot.

oberlin university

Oberlin has made a concerted effort over the last five years to overhaul their advancement division. They have a ready and willing group of alumni with unique careers, but need a scalable way to identify advisors for students of their unique liberal arts offerings.

university of chicago

The University of Chicago is currently under a $4.5 billion dollar capital campaign, with a goal of engaging 125,000 alumni in the next three years. Wisr will be used as a campaign vehicle for these strategic initiatives, while assisting career services in increasing internship and job opportunities for students.

Denison University President, Dr. Adam Weinberg, the Denison@Work initiative to help students fill the skills and confidence gap faced when making a transition from college to career. Wisr will allow Denison to track critical skills development through alumni advising and networking.

cedarville university

Cedarville is ramping up alumni engagement with new programming to leverage alumni to helps students moving to new parts of country for summer internships and jobs. Wisr will facilitate and measure new connections with alumni outside of the region.

Co-founder & President

John Knific is co-founder and President of Wisr. An entrepreneur who is passionate about what education technology can do for students, John's on a mission to tackle the big challenge of getting students connected with jobs after college by engaging alumni.

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