Higher Education Software for a Shifting Industry

Higher education has changed. Global events, shifting demographics, and changes in industry regulations have altered the way that institutions attract students and create successful experiences for them throughout their academic careers.

A new kind of enrollment solution is needed for your school to succeed with its goals and to better position itself against other institutions that are competing for and retaining students more strategically than ever before. Wisr is a leading digital platform that allows you to create and manage virtual campus experiences, resources, and opportunities at all stages of the higher education lifecycle.

Wisr gives you the tools you need to

  • Increase revenue
  • Streamline program management
  • Build thriving communities


virtual Welcome Center

Virtual Welcome Center

Take your recruitment process online and engage rising juniors and seniors virtually. Wisr can help your team prioritize accessible recruiting touch-points and engaging content.  Learn how our solution streamlines recruitment and measures the impact of your efforts.

enrollment yield

Enrollment Yield

Admitted students are looking for personalized online experiences and authenticity. Our higher education software connects these students with current student leaders and resources to help them see their future at your institution. Learn how our solution virtualizes this critical process.


Summer Melt

Institutions are now free to pursue students even after they’ve deposited with another school. Students are also leveraging this to their advantage. With Wisr, your team can stay connected with students from deposit to their first day as a new student.

Student Onboarding

Student Onboarding

Once on-site and often one day only, student onboarding and orientation is going digital and can now comprise an entire first year if desired. Learn how our networks help new students find answers and cement their relationship with your institution.


Career Mentorship Programs

Our higher education software puts the 1:1 experience of career services online — giving current students a centralized place to explore possibilities and opportunities in their chosen field while encouraging alumni to get involved and contribute to student success.


Alumni Networks

Wisr helps your alumni relations team overcome recent industry shifts by bringing alumni together online for volunteerism, advocacy, and fundraising opportunities through digital experiences. Engage your constituents with a modern alumni directory that integrates panels, webinars, videos, ask-me-anythings (AMAs), and more.

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