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“We knew that our previous metrics were imperfect and didn’t reflect the true scope of how often our alumni were offering mentorship. Now, we have robust analytics at our fingertips, giving us the ability to target future programming and outreach more strategically.”

Holly McCormack

Dean of Career Development, Kenyon College

As more and more institutions around the country begin to transition their enrollment yield, summer melt, and student orientation efforts online, it follows that the methods of engaging students later in their academic career should transition as well. Career services teams can now tap into alumni expertise and use online avenues for mentorship programming and career exploration for college students.

Set the stage for more meaningful discussions between advisors and students and provide opportunities for students to learn more about potential career paths. With Wisr your institution can now provide online resources for students to explore and grow their network upfront.

How Our Platform Helps You and Your Students

Wisr provides ample benefits for students that sign up to participate in both dedicated and flash mentorship programming — and makes the process easier for your institution:

For Your Students

  • Explore potential career options
  • Learn about specific employers
  • Understand careers within an industry
  • Find a job shadow or externship
  • Schedule a mock employer interview
  • Get their resumes reviewed by alumni
  • See what other graduates have achieved

For Your Institution

  • Automate and scale your programming
  • Provide flash mentorship opportunities
  • Integrate mentorship institution-wide
  • Tailor matching criteria to your campus
  • Take admin work off advisors’ plates
  • Build campus-specific communities
  • Manage alumni volunteers and community mentors

How Wisr Helps Students Explore Careers

1 - Configurable Goals & Volunteer Items

Configurable Goals & Volunteer Items

Alumni volunteers select from a customizable list of things they are interested in doing to help students at your institution prepare for careers. Meanwhile, students select their specific goals. Collecting this information helps students search for well-suited advisors while helping you understand how members are using the network.

Personalized Dashboards & Recommendations

Every student has a personalized dashboard with suggested next steps, recommended communities, and recommended alumni connections. Next steps are personalized based on each member’s goals and offer tips on how to get the most out of the network. Recommended members are calculated based on factors like career aspirations, academic interests, and organization memberships. Together, next steps, recommended communities, and recommended members ensure that everyone who joins the network knows exactly how to find perfect mentors.

Flexible Search Filters

A powerful search tool makes it easy to zero in on the right alum. Students can filter by criteria like undergraduate major, current employer, job title, city of residence, and volunteer items. For example, a student preparing to apply for jobs in business could isolate recent graduates who studied economics and are willing to review resumes.

Call Scheduling with Templated Agendas

The network bulldozes the common barriers that prevent students from reaching out for advice. Supplementing an easy-to-use chat feature and built-in call scheduler makes it simple to plan a conversation. Students choose from a configurable list of reasons for reaching out, and the network automatically creates an introductory message template. They simply personalize a few lines of text and are ready to go with a well-written, professional call request.

5 - Communities for Similar Interests & Affinities

Communities for Similar Interests & Affinities

Communities provide an easy way to connect students with alumni who have shared interests, identities, or backgrounds. Some common real-life examples of communities include Future Entrepreneurs, First-Generation Students, and Charity & Non-Profit Professionals.

6 - Mediated Discussions for Key Conversations

Mediated Discussions for Key Conversations

Many students will have similar questions, so not all conversations on the network should be one-on-one. Real-time discussion boards allow all members to collectively discuss questions and offer advice. When should students start applying to internships? How can a leadership position in a club be translated onto a resume? Is GPA the biggest factor when applying to jobs? Help students find the answers they need in a mediated environment.

7 - Events for Programming

Events for Programming

This tool allows administrators and members to share virtual events with others who might be interested. Events within communities can be related to the goal of the community or recent discussions. For example, an administrator could create an event for an online engineering AMA and share it in the Student Engineers community.

8 - Algorithmic Dedicated Mentorship Matching

Algorithmic Dedicated Mentorship Matching

Create custom mentorship surveys and match students with alumni and community mentors 1:1 based on shared interests, academic background, program specific criteria, and more. Run match sets as necessary and manage mandatory mentor meetings with trackable in-app calls and chats.

Wisr Career Mentorship Buyer Guide

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