Special Announcement: Wisr has been acquired by EAB. By joining forces with EAB, Wisr will bring you even more ways to engage your campus communities.

Enrollment Yield and Melt

Intimate and Privately Branded Communities to Showcase your Unique Campus to Admits

Bring your campus right to their doors

Wisr showcases the unique qualities of your campus, allowing your prospects to picture themselves on your campus in a way that stock photos cannot. As a central home to house events, ambassadors, and on-demand content, your university-branded Wisr site seamlessly converts current programming into a sleek digital experience.

Not only can you easily cater to your prospects’ needs, with our new Predictive Yield Dashboard your team can view snapshot reports with the insights you need to directly influence your yield and melt rates. The dashboard measures the activity of individual users and provides two reports: one for active contributors and one for passive users. With this knowledge and integrating the data with your CRM you can save time and money and direct resources where they are needed.

The Enrollment Yield Pivot

“Wisr has been an amazing partner with the Yale admissions office during our rapid transition to online programming. In only two weeks, we went from an email inquiry to a fully functional and personalized admitted students’ network with nearly 2,000 members and dozens of communities. It’s been wonderful to watch our staff and admitted students quickly build meaningful connections and create great digital content.”

Mark Dunn

Director of Outreach & Recruitment and Associate Director of Admissions, Yale University

How the Process Works

1 - Configurable goals and volunteer items

Configurable Goals and Volunteer Items

Prospective and admitted students select from a customizable list of goals that offer ways to engage with current student ambassadors and your staff. Collecting this information helps you understand how members are using the site and what support your prospective students need.

2 - Custom member types

Custom Member Types

Give your members the ability to self-identify as an admitted or enrolled student. Options to include parents, student ambassadors, and staff/faculty give your members a robust look at who they can connect with in the site.

3 - Personalized dashboard with next steps and community recommendations

Personalized Dashboard with Next Steps and Community Recommendations

Every member has a personalized dashboard with suggested next steps and recommended communities. Next steps are personalized based on each member’s goals and offer tips on how to get the most out of the network. Recommended communities allow your team to pre-invite members to communities based on their interests and academic background, and highlight site wide groups.

4 - Admissions communities and suggested online content

Admissions Communities and Suggested Online Content

Communities provide an easy way to support students with shared interests, identities, and goals. Use communities to share curated content made specifically for admitted students, cross-stream webinars and info sessions, and empower your student ambassadors and staff to share their campus experiences. The Wisr support team will work with your team to create a content strategy and posting schedule that best suits the goals of your office.

5 - Real-time reliable engagement metrics

Real-Time Engagement Metrics

Your team will have access to customizable dashboards with a real-time engagement index to see which students are most plugged into your campus community and which may need additional outreach. Measure the impact of your network through your enrollment funnel and integrate insights with your Slate, Salesforce, or other CRM.

As a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, Wisr is able to integrate with your CRM and offer implementation support with a deep understanding Slate functionality and processes.

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