Orientation and FYE

Onboarding is more than a one-day event. Learn how you can engage new students long-term - and digitally.

Strategically, the college student orientation process serves to cement the relationship between enrolled students and your institution. Now, industry shifts and generational preferences mean that your institution must adapt to create the same memorable, successful experiences for incoming students virtually.

We Provide the Framework, You Bring the People

“Wisr ran our [incoming student] match through an algorithm, and the process that used to take a full work week happened while I drank my morning coffee.”

Alice Petty

Director of Pre-Major Advising, Stanford University

Benefits of Orientation and FYE with Wisr

1 - Go Fully Online

Go Fully Online

Connect incoming first-year students with student leaders and your staff to answer their questions and help them learn about the first-year experience at your institution.

2 - Centralize Digital Content

Centralize Digital Content

Give incoming students the content they’re looking for with info sessions, AMAs, virtual student mixers, embedded videos, chats, advisor connections, and more.

3 - Build a Vibrant Community

Build a Vibrant Community

Recommended communities and connections create a sense of belonging for every incoming student, regardless of their ability to travel to campus

4 - Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Wisr provides custom training assets and manages every step of your admin onboarding and student adoption

5 - metrics

Meaningful Metrics

Real time dashboards provide information to understand your student engagement and the health of your site.

6 - Fully Mobile

Fully Mobile

Wisr is completely mobile friendly, with both native apps and in-browser responsive design. This allows your institution to connect with incoming students on any device, at any time.

Our Commitment

The Wisr team will be a true partner as you grow your admissions & orientation strategy:

  1. Providing best practice recommendations & an implementation plan
  2. Training your leaders
  3. Ensuring communications & event strategies are on point
  4. Seamlessly capturing data and syncing it with your CRM to show you how to use data to drive results

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