Orientation and FYE

Go Beyond the Traditional College Student Onboarding Process

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“Wisr ran our [incoming student] match through an algorithm, and the process that used to take a full work week happened while I drank my morning coffee.”

Alice Petty

Director of Pre-Major Advising, Stanford University

Historically, the college student orientation process was a short event, typically lasting one to a few days early in the school year. Now, recent events, industry shifts, and even generational preferences mean that your institution must adapt to create the same memorable, successful experiences for incoming students virtually.

For student life teams, orientation is an ongoing challenge. You need to bring multiple departments, teams, staff members, and students together. Strategically, the college student orientation process serves to cement the relationship between enrolled students and your institution. So, how can student life teams effectively manage such a significant program online?

We Provide the Framework, You Bring the People

In addition to supporting your institution with enrollment yield and melt initiatives, Wisr provides all of the tools you need to create the positive, engaging experiences that enrolled students are looking for during onboarding — online. You’re not alone in this effort, however — our team is available to help you build, launch, enhance, and monitor the effectiveness of your virtual college student onboarding process.

Benefits of Orientation and FYE with Wisr

1 - Go Fully Online

Go Fully Online

Connect incoming first-year students with student leaders and your staff to answer their questions and help them learn about the first-year experience at your institution.

2 - Centralize Digital Content

Centralize Digital Content

Give incoming students the content they’re looking for with info sessions, AMAs, virtual student mixers, embedded videos, chats, advisor connections, and more.

3 - Build a Vibrant Community

Build a Vibrant Community

Recommended communities and connections create a sense of belonging for every incoming student, regardless of their ability to travel to campus

4 - Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Wisr provides custom training assets and manages every step of your admin onboarding and student adoption

5 - metrics

Meaningful Metrics

Real time dashboards provide information to understand your student engagement and the health of your site.

6 - Fully Mobile

Fully Mobile

Wisr is completely mobile friendly, with both native apps and in-browser responsive design. This allows your institution to connect with incoming students on any device, at any time.

Transform Your Orientation and FYE Process

With Wisr as your onboarding platform, reach more students faster and easier than ever before. It’s also much more manageable. Recent partnerships with major institutions allowed a 1,200-student onboarding program to be managed virtually by just one person. We know that the college student onboarding process is vital for student success and you may be worried about transitioning this important program online. For that, the Wisr team is here to help. Our in-house becomes your partner — building strategic programming and training your team to use our platform and better advocate for your students. Our customer support team is available to you as needed to answer questions, discuss strategy, and more.

Wisr Student Orientation Buyer Guide

Get Started Now with Our Buyer Guide

Below is an overview of what the buyer guide covers.


Solution Overview

Learn why we built the student orientation solution, how it works, and how it can grow your institution.


Wisr Support

We offer more than just industry-leading solutions. We also provide extensive support services.


Purchase Process

We can work with your institution to get your solution built while working with your procurement team.


Overall Process

Learn how we can work together to get your student orientation solution set up in only two weeks.



Get answers to common questions so you know what to expect and each stage of the process.


Real-Life Examples

Learn how Wisr has made a difference for higher education institutions across the country.

Help Students Create Connections for Successful Careers

Learn how we can build your virtual mentorship program for your students.

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