Summer Melt

Build Engaging Online Communities to Protect Your Revenue

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“After our six month pilot with Wisr, UChicago College Admissions reported a significant reduction in year over year summer melt. The technology allows us to operate at a massive scale, without requiring a huge staff commitment. It automates so much of the conversations and connections that really matter to our incoming class.”

Peter Wilson

Deputy Dean and Director of Admissions, The University of Chicago

While getting students to commit to your institution and make a deposit is indeed an enrollment success, it doesn’t mean competition for them is over. When the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) changed its code of ethics in late 2019, the rules of the game changed.

Summer melt can make a huge impact on your enrollment, which directly ties to your tuition revenue. It’s critical that you not only take proactive steps to protect this revenue but that you also use tools that students expect and appreciate. With online communities and engagement tools from Wisr, your institution can use positive peer influencers, online learning modules, and just-in-time content delivery to significantly reduce summer melt.

Virtualize Your Summer Melt Strategy

The summer is now the ideal time to deepen your institution’s relationship with deposited students by connecting them with their peers as well as faculty and staff members. This ensures their questions are answered, they’re able to fully explore your institution’s offerings, and that they continue to meet any ongoing deadlines as part of the enrollment process. You are not alone in this effort, Wisr will support every step, from training student ambassadors, to content strategy, to overseeing to integrating key engagement metrics with your CRM.

How Wisr Prevents Summer Melt

1 - Create Authentic Connections

Create Authentic Connections

Student leaders and communities are intelligently matched to students based on interests, to create a sense of belonging before coming to campus.

2 - Centralize Digital Content

Centralize Digital Content

Give incoming students the content they’re looking for with info sessions, AMAs, virtual student mixers, embedded videos, chats, advisor connections, and more.

3 - Bring Key Resources Online

Bring Key Resources Online

Each admitted student can digitally engage with star faculty, program leadership, and key aspects of campus lifeShowcase your star faculty, life changing programs, and other aspects of campus life

4 - Fully Mobile

Fully Mobile

Wisr is completely mobile friendly, with both native apps and in-browser responsive design. This allows your institution to connect with incoming students on any device, at any time.

5 - Meaningful Metrics

Meaningful Metrics

Real time dashboards provide information to understand your student engagement and the health of your site.

6 - Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Wisr provides custom training assets and manages every step of your admin onboarding and student adoption

Wisr is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education.

Our Commitment

You’re not alone in this effort, however. Our team becomes your partner — training your ambassadors to use our platform and better advocate for your institution and working with your communications team to provide strategic and impactful programming. More than ever, institutions must be ready to go to bat for their deposited students and there’s not a moment to lose in strengthening these relationships.

Wisr Summer Melt Buyer Guide

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Solution Overview

Learn why we built the summer melt solution, how it works, and how it can grow your institution.


Wisr Support

We offer more than just industry-leading solutions. We also provide extensive support services.


Purchase Process

We can work with your institution to get your solution built while working with your procurement team.


Overall Process

Learn how we can work together to get your summer melt solution set up in only two weeks.



Get answers to common questions so you know what to expect and each stage of the process.


Real-Life Examples

Learn how Wisr has made a difference for higher education institutions across the country.

Help Students Create Connections for Successful Careers

Learn how we can build your virtual mentorship program for your students.

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