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Pivot your summer programming with online admissions recruitment

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“Campus visits are particularly important in helping prospective students get the ‘feel’ of campus and our culture. Pandemic or not, we’ve been wanting to expand our reach to give students from all backgrounds a chance to see what’s so great about Wellesley and to get to know our community. Adding in the ability to virtually explore prominent buildings on campus and to interact with the students, staff, and faculty in that environment is an essential component of our goal to make the college more accessible. We’ll be expanding our work with our partner, Wisr, to build out this new digital infrastructure.”

Jessica Ricker

Director of Admission, Wellesley College

College recruitment has forever changed. As higher education continues to adjust to current online constraints and redefine “normal,” prospective students are looking for schools that have shifted quickly and can offer one-of-a-kind online admissions recruitment experiences. And while the summer usually marks a time for college tours and in-person programming, rising high school juniors and seniors (and their parents) are actively searching for ways to engage with your institution online, right now.

At Wisr, we’re helping schools pivot traditional on-campus summer recruitment and creating dynamic digital campus experiences. Converting programming like the campus tour, student and faculty connections, and introducing students to campus culture, to an easily managed virtual welcome center helps your team prioritize accessible recruiting touchpoints and digital content beyond this admissions season.

Increase Accessibility with a Virtual Welcome Center

As colleges struggle to support prospective students and stand out amid COVID-19, now more than ever digital community building is essential. Your team needs to respond quickly and create experiences prospective students are seeking to meet your admissions recruitment goals. Wisr solves this by providing a virtual welcome center and a fully online experience in one platform that can go live in as little as two weeks. And it’s all backed up with expert technical and strategic support from our team.

How Online Admissions Recruitment is Different with Wisr

1 - Go Fully Online

Go Completely Online

Connect rising junior and senior students with student leaders and your staff to answer their questions and help them learn about your institution.

2 - Centralize Digital Content

Convert Programming to Digital Content

Use communities to share curated content made specifically for prospective students and their parents, share live webinars and info sessions, and empower your student ambassadors and staff to share their campus experiences. The Wisr support team will work with your team to create a content strategy and posting schedule that best suits the goals of your office.

3 - Build a Vibrant Community

Build a Vibrant Community

Recommended communities and connections give a look at campus culture and create a sense of belonging for every prospective student, regardless of their ability to travel to campus.

4 - Dedicated Team

Dedicated Support Team

Wisr provides custom training assets and manages every step of your admin onboarding and student adoption.

5 - Real-time reliable engagement metrics

Real-Time Reliable Engagement Metrics

Your team will have access to customizable dashboards with a real-time engagement index to see which students are most plugged into your campus community and which may need additional outreach. Measure the impact of your network through your enrollment funnel and integrate insights with your Slate, Salesforce, or other CRM.

8 - Algorithmic Dedicated Mentorship Matching

Fully Mobile

Wisr is completely mobile friendly, with both native apps and in-browser responsive design. This allows your institution to connect with prospective students on any device, at any time.

Wisr is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education.

Our Commitment

As you grow your online admissions recruitment strategy, our team becomes your partner — training your student leaders and admins to use your virtual welcome center and better advocate for your institution. We’ll work with your communications team to provide strategic and impactful programming and help pivot current in-person plans. More than ever, institutions must be ready to digitize the campus experience and show their commitment to prospective students. There’s not a moment to lose in strengthening these relationships.

All data is seamlessly captured across your site — connections between students, the amount of activity happening on discussion boards, activity for your events, and granular data for each prospective student — all of which can be synced to your CRM.

Virtual Welcome Center Buyer Guide

Get Started Now with Our Buyer Guide

Below is an overview of what the buyer guide covers.


Solution Overview

Learn why we built the virtual welcome center solution, how it works, and how it can grow your institution.


Wisr Support

We offer more than just industry-leading solutions. We also provide extensive support services.


Purchase Process

We can work with your institution to get your solution built while working with your procurement team.


Overall Process

Learn how we can work together to get your virtual welcome center set up in only two weeks.



Get answers to common questions so you know what to expect and each stage of the process.


Real-Life Examples

Learn how Wisr has made a difference for higher education institutions across the country.

Help Students Create Connections for Successful Careers

Learn how we can build your virtual mentorship program for your students.

See how Wisr can create meaningful connections on your campus