Special Announcement: Wisr has been acquired by EAB. By joining forces with EAB, Wisr will bring you even more ways to engage your campus communities.


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How to leverage best practice playbook to digitize campus programming

How predictive analytics will let you know who is yielding and why

Wisr’s ability to streamline information across the university silo

A first-class ambassador program to support constituents


Solution Overview

Learn why we built the enrollment yield solution, how it works, and how it can grow your institution.


Wisr Support

We offer more than just industry-leading solutions. We also provide extensive support services.


Purchase Process

We can work with your institution to get your solution built while working with your procurement team.


Overall Process

Learn how we can work together to get your enrollment yield solution set up in only two weeks.



Get answers to common questions so you know what to expect and each stage of the process.


Real-Life Examples

Learn how Wisr has made a difference for higher education institutions across the country.

See how Wisr can create meaningful connections on your campus