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Wisr helps you reach more constituents to boost engagement.

We provide tools for enrollment, student success, career development, and alumni relations departments to expand their reach and modernize their approach to engagement.



Not all students can visit campus, and it’s hard to capture every aspect of your university even for those who do. Boost yield by digitally connecting prospectives and their parents to undergrads, alumni in fields of interest, and admissions volutneers. Facilitating conversations between prospectives and university affiliates helps them assess fit and visualize life on campus.

Key software features:

Admissions volunteer management system

Mediated Q&A forums for prospective students

Personalized support for parents of prospective and current students

Support for student mentor pairing and communication

Enrollment case study at the University of Chicago:


“As American colleges and universities increase recruitment of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented minority students, the need to expand specialized resources has become evident. Efforts at highly selective institutions to promote access for underserved populations are well-intentioned, but – without corresponding action to support these students – are little more than tokenism…”


Student Success

Personal relationships are key to student success. Improve both achievement and overall quality of life by connecting undergrads with impactful peer and alumni mentors. Meanwhile, reinforce communities on campus by providing a digital touchpoint where members can share information and have important conversations as a group.

Key software features:

Automated student and alumni advisor matching

Support for peer mentorship communities and discussion forums

Digital communities for clubs, academic programs, and affinity groups

Support for faculty participation

Student success study at Stanford University:


“Matching students and advisors, coordinating their meetings, and ensuring there is fit is a known problem, and typically a very manual process. The challenge Stanford presented was unique because their team was trying to optimize a student match with a faculty advisor who shares academic interests, shares affinity, and is agnostic to major…”


Career Development

Your students want personalized, industry-specific advising, but your department doesn’t have unlimited resources. Meanwhile, you have a huge network of professional alumni who are eager to give back to their alma mater. Bridge the gap by helping students find alumni who can pass on useful job experience and career advice.

Key software features:

Job and internship explorer with personalized search filters

Scalable networking platform for students and young grads

AI-driven career advisor recommendations

Automated externship matching

Career development case study at Oberlin College & Conservatory:


“Oberlin’s culture of embracing individuality reflects the student body’s remarkable diversity in terms of interests, career aspirations, backgrounds, and demographics. While this diversity provides an ideal setting for a liberal arts education, it presents unique challenges for the college’s Alumni Relations and Career Services departments…”


Alumni Relations

Not all of your alumni are in a position to attend on-campus events or make financial donations, and young grads are less responsive than ever to traditional channels for outreach. Build affinity by giving them a meaningful opportunity to give back to their alma mater and reconnect with you via a current student (all without leaving their computers).

Key software features:

Easy call, chat, and email communications

Automatic alumni data importation

Replacement for outdated alumni directory modules

Framework for introducing alumni to undergrads

Alumni relations case study at Case Western Reserve University:


“With a large group of alumni to keep track of and reach out to, the alumni relations teams at Case Western Reserve University struggled to find accurate, updated information to help keep alumni connected to the university. The career services team faced a similar struggle with helping students find an easy way to reach out to and connect with alumni…”


Wisr generates recommendations based on thousands of data points.

Wisr’s proprietary matching algorithm connects constituents based on factors like academic interests, career aspirations, personal goals, industries, and extracurricular activities.

Track changes in engagement, collect critical data, and make informed decisions to refine your department's strategy.

We provide partners with scheduled data reports analyzing how well your tools are performing, and we'll help you understand how information can feed back into your comprehensive engagement strategy. Meanwhile, new data you collect – including preferred email address, up-to-date employment information, and city of residence – are synced back into your university's existing records.


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