Reach More Constituents to Boost Engagement

Wisr provides tools for enrollment, student success, career development, and alumni relations departments to expand their reach and modernize their approach to engagement.


Attend virtual courses that bring the topics you’re most interested in directly to your office. Build your engagement strategy by assessing current initiatives, adapting proven practices at a variety of institutions, and applying modern marketing techniques.


WisrConnect creates a campus-wide network where all your constituents can connect for career advising, networking, and resource sharing. Meanwhile, we help you collect and visualize key engagement data so you can make well-informed strategy decisions.


Hitting an engagement roadblock? Wisr offers one-on-one consulting leveraging experience from work with over 300 institutions. Past projects include building advisor matching systems, mass-updating alumni directories, and modernizing social media presences.

Bridge gaps at every stage of the student lifecycle with solutions for:



Boost yield by connecting prospectives to undergrads and making better use of your admissions volunteers.


Student Success

Improve student achievement and quality of life with a smart advising strategy and a plan for building community on campus.


Career Development

Extend the career center’s reach by personalizing coaching and leveraging your network of professional alumni.


Alumni Relations

Strengthen alumni ties by connecting with more recent grads and offering affinity-building volunteer opportunities.


Collaborating across departments? No problem.

Wisr helps build connections among all your constituents – prospectives, students, alumni, parents, and faculty. This scope of engagement means that many partner institutions work across departments to make sure initiatives are aligned and data is accessible to all stakeholders.

Directory Module

Store all of your constituents in one place and leverage features like flexible privacy settings, customizable search filters, and one-click data importation.

Tired of your ancient directory? Say goodbye to complex data importation, huge pricetags, and confusing interfaces. Wisr's Directory module combines the core features of traditional directories with modern updates like support for career advising, customizable communities, and AI-driven mentorship recommendations.


Intelligence Module

Keep your records accurate and up-to-date with automatic monthly data pulls from your constituents' LinkedIn profiles.

Maintaining records for constituents is a daunting challenge. Wisr's Intelligence module helps by integrating with your database and automatically importing updated information for members who sign up with LinkedIn – on average, 70% of a network. Key fields include preferred email address, up-to-date employment information, and current city of residence. With clear, instantly generated data visualizations, understanding insights from this data has never been easier.

Wisr generates recommended connections based on hundreds of data points.

Wisr’s proprietary matching algorithm connects constituents based on factors like academic interests, career aspirations, personal goals, industries, and extracurricular activities.

Want to learn more? Check out our digital product packet for information about implementation, features, and pricing.


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