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Wisr Academy courses for alumni relations professionals

Wisr Academy offers a range of courses for alumni relations and advancement professionals looking to build stronger connections with their alumni and provide alumni with meaningful ways to give back. The curriculum draws from modern marketing techniques used by top for-profit businesses with a focus on getting the most out of available technology.

Free Master Classes

Introduction to Engagement Strategy


This foundational class introduces the Wisr Engagement Framework to help your team evaluate the maturity of your current engagement strategy and improve by integrating email, social media, and programming more effectively.

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Certification Courses

Alumni Engagement Strategy

4 WEEKS | $299 INDIVIDUAL, $599 TEAM (UP TO 3)

Modernize your engagement strategy to build affinity with alumni, distribute meaningful digital content, deliver helpful professional development programming, and measure alumni engagement data. This certification-level course is ideal for administrators in career development and alumni relations.

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Student Engagement Strategy

3 WEEKS | $199 INDIVIDUAL, $499 TEAM (UP TO 3)

Combining self-assessment and analysis of case studies from leading institutions, this course helps you develop ideas for programming that engages students in the classroom, learn to harness modern marketing channels, and strategically partner with alumni relations colleagues to take advantage of alumni volunteers.

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Prefer in-person learning?

Wisr Academy hosts summits in cities across America focused on the most important challenges in higher education. Check out upcoming summits that other administrators in alumni relations are attending:

Software designed to re-engage your alumni

If your department has started to build a base of warm alumni, the next steps are to reach more individuals and strengthen each connection. Meanwhile, you want to ensure that you’re offering alumni something valuable and not damaging the relationship by delivering a poorly timed ask for donations. Not every alum is in a position to attend on-campus events or make financial donations – especially when it comes to young alumni populations. WisrConnect helps you build genuine connections with your alumni by giving them meaningful and convenient ways to volunteer as mentors with current students. WisrConnect works like a modernized alumni directory. It starts with the core features of a traditional directory (search filters, custom fields, privacy controls) and adds upgrades like opt-in student advising, one-click data importation, alumni communities, and automatic engagement visualizations.

Easy communication through call system, chat, and email

One-click alumni data importation

Replacement for outdated alumni directory modules

Moderated alumni communities with discussion forums


A piloting Wisr partner, Case Western Reserve University struggled to maintain close relationships with their large, geographically dispersed alumni body. The career development and alumni relations teams partnered with Wisr to address three specific challenges barring alumni from staying involved with life on campus:

A widespread and fragmented alumni base

Little personal interaction between alumni and students

Outdated and inaccurate alumni records

“Wisr is definitely increasing our number of volunteers because it’s something that alumni can do from anywhere. They can do it on their own time, it’s very personal. We’re able to reach alumni that previously we hadn’t thought were engaged, but it’s really just they didn’t have that connection, that ability to actually do it.”

Chamois Williams, Assistant Director of Alumni Outreach & Affinity Programs
Case Western Reserve University

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Need more personalized help?

Wisr offers one-on-one consultation for alumni relations and advancement departments. Past consulting projects range from mass-updating an alumni directory to designing re-engagement campaigns. Whether you’re facing a general challenge or struggling with an existing project, let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll let you know how we can help:

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