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Wisr Academy courses for career development professionals

Wisr Academy offers a range of courses for career development professionals looking to expose students to career options, introduce students to friendly faces at companies they’re interested in, and ultimately improve job placement. The curriculum draws from decades of higher education experience and case studies in which universities built successful career pipelines.

Free Master Classes

Introduction to Engagement Strategy


This foundational class introduces the Wisr Engagement Framework to help your team evaluate the maturity of your current engagement strategy and improve by integrating email, social media, and programming more effectively.

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Certification Courses

Student Engagement Strategy

3 WEEKS | $199 INDIVIDUAL, $499 TEAM (UP TO 3)

Combining self-assessment and analysis of case studies from leading institutions, this course helps you develop ideas for programming that engages students in the classroom, learn to harness modern marketing channels, and strategically partner with alumni relations colleagues to take advantage of alumni volunteers. This certification-level course is ideal for administrators in student success and career development.

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Alumni Engagement Strategy

4 WEEKS | $299 INDIVIDUAL, $599 TEAM (UP TO 3)

Modernize your engagement strategy to build affinity with alumni, distribute meaningful digital content, deliver helpful professional development programming, and measure alumni engagement data. This certification-level course is ideal for administrators in career development and alumni relations.

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Prefer in-person learning?

Wisr Academy hosts summits in cities across America focused on the most important challenges in higher education. Check out upcoming summits that other administrators in career development are attending:

Software designed to help students explore careers

Students are increasingly expecting personalized career advising, but that can be challenging for your team to scale. That means pairing every student with experts in industries they’re exploring – and making it effortless for those students to reach out. Field-specific career advising is a key predictor of job outcomes, but hand matching students with advisors is prohibitively labor-intensive at a large scale. WisrConnect engages your institution’s network of alumni as volunteer career advisors and automatically matches them with students. Every match is calculated by an algorithm that considers hundreds of data points, so WisrConnect’s recommendations are even more precise than those made by hand. Students can also find advisors by browsing academic communities, exploring industries of interest, or narrowing the pool down with flexible search filters. Key features include:

Job and internship explorer with flexible search filters

Ability to filter advisors by ways they can help (e.g. reviewing resumes)

Scalable networking platform for students and young alumni

AI-driven career advisor recommendations

Automated externship matching

Tablet Screenshots Career Development

Students at Oberlin College & Conservatory enjoy a world-class liberal arts education. Like many liberal arts schools, Oberlin strives to ensure that graduates can apply that education to real-world careers. Two years ago Lori Young, Director of Career Services, analyzed students' levels of career preparedness across their undergraduate years. She isolated three key areas for improvement:

Students needed to start exploring careers earlier.

Students needed access to more opportunities for work experience.

Students needed stronger connections to alumni.

“What I think is just brilliant is how easy Wisr makes it. In the past, students might have taken steps to find alumni but then been hung up on what to ask and how to reach out to them. With Wisr, once the students decide to reach out to alumni, it pre-populates messages that can be used as-is or customized, so it makes the initial contact much smoother.”

Lori Young, Director of Career Services
Oberlin College & Conservatory

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Need more personalized help?

Wisr offers one-on-one consultation for career development departments. Past consulting projects range from building a network for resume reviews and mock interviews to matching students with externship opportunities. Whether you’re facing a general challenge or struggling with an existing project, let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll let you know how we can help:

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