Private Women's Networks

Create a professional support system for women on your staff and faculty

Why build a women's network?

While women are well-represented in some roles, equal representation in the senior most leadership positions is still not a reality. According to the American Council on Education, only 30% of university presidents are women, and only 5% are women of color. Conversations with over 300 institutions at Wisr leadership summits have confirmed that there are real barriers preventing women from reaching higher levels of professional success.

Presidents at US colleges and universities

All women (30%)
Women of color (5%)
Men (70%)
To connect women with the relationships and resources to push through barriers and pull other women up along the way, Wisr launched a free summit series called HIGHER. HIGHER gathers ambitious women staff and faculty to address challenges like finding mentors, confronting discriminatory behavior, and shifting perception about what it means to be a modern female leader. A pattern began to emerge in the feedback from women who attended:

“It is important that women connect to share knowledge and resources.”
“Brilliant idea to bring women together to create an open conversation.”
“I found the no-pressure networking environment very beneficial.”
“I’ve never felt so inspired to go for it and take a leadership role in my organization.”
“It feels like we are pioneering a very necessary paradigm shift.”

Women in higher education benefit when they can connect with peers to discuss lessons learned from shared experiences. To facilitate more of these connections, Wisr is offering institutions a lowered price on networks to be used for building community and supporting female staff and faculty.
“Research shows that when women are exposed to powerful female role models, they are more likely to endorse the notion that women are well suited for leadership roles. So regular meetings — say monthly check-ins or weekly lunches — between less experienced and more senior women give younger women the opportunity to not only develop professionally but also understand that women have what it takes to succeed in an organization’s most prestigious roles. And when mentorship programs are de rigueur, those who face feelings of otherness will not feel deficient for having to proactively seek out career guidance”
—Harvard Business Review

How can Wisr help?

WisrConnect is a private network where women on your institution’s staff and faculty share resources, strengthen their professional networks, and build community. Help promote a diverse and inclusive workplace by giving women on your campus a space to identify their professional goals and support other women on campus. Women who join the network select from a list of customizable volunteer items to specify how they can help. The platform supports initiatives like:

Pairing junior employees with job shadow opportunities to explore growth paths

Launching programs to teach employees how to overcome unconscious bias

Creating affinity-based digital communities to share resources and advice

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Dashboard with recommendations and suggested next steps

Wisr helps members understand what they can do to work toward their goals by suggesting action items and members who can help them accomplish them.

Configurable volunteer items

While signing up, members select specific ways they're interested in helping others. That allows members to refine their searches. For example, a member could search for someone who is willing to offer a job shadow opportunity or someone who is excited about mentoring junior faculty.

Industry browser

The industry browser lets members explore colleagues by the fields they work in. Searching this way is especially useful for faculty looking for peers and mentors in a related discipline. Women in different fields face different career challenges (faculty in STEM versus the humanities, for example), and this tool helps connect those with similar experiences.

Communities with adjustable privacy settings

Groups within the platform provide a home base for members to connect based on interests or affinities. Privacy settings let you control whether communities are open or invite-only.

Example community: Women in Business

Creating a digital touchpoint is especially important in industries where success is heavily dependent on having a strong, wide-reaching network. Any member can view others who belong to a community, offering one more tool for searching out mentorship and connection.

Example community: Women in Business

The discussion feature allows women in a community to discuss issues that are especially relevant to that group. For example, a Women in Business community might house a conversation about the challenges members faced during job applications.

Example community: Women in Engineering

Women in traditionally male-dominated fields face a unique set of barriers as they move through their careers. Creating communities to support women in such fields provides a supportive environment where members can discuss challenges, reach out to each other for advice, and look for long-term mentors.

Example community: Women of Color

Likewise, women of color navigate a complex set of intersectional identity issues throughout their careers. Communities for women of color are ideal for discussing these issues in a safe and private space and planning relevant programming like lectures, panels, and networking events.

Example community: Working Mothers

Working mothers face the daunting challenge of balancing family life with demanding careers. These communities are especially useful for sharing resources like daycare and babysitter information, time management techniques, and personal stories about finding the healthiest way to balance time.

Why work with Wisr?

Retain employees
The platform is ideal for staff and faculty of all levels who could benefit from expanding their network and uncovering new ways to contribute meaningfully to your institution.

Streamline professional development opportunities
Institutions can uncover employee goals and ways they can support. This makes it easier to identify how your institution can better support your staff and faculty with the resources, learning opportunities, and relationship that will help them to continue to grow.

Increase collaboration
Faculty can easily search the campus network to find peers working on complimentary or similar research. Staff can better understand cross-departmental colleague’s roles and identify opportunities for partnership or career mobility.

What are some things Wisr can help you do to support women at your institution?

Create a home for intersectional communities

  • Women faculty in STEM
  • Junior staff mentors
  • First-generation women
  • Women of color
  • LGBTQ+ women
  • Prompt relevant discussion topics

  • Honing your unique leadership style
  • Advancing in higher ed administration
  • Structuring mentorship relationships
  • Balancing family and career
  • Promoting equitable policies
  • Supporting junior employees' development
  • Creating an inclusive team culture
  • Support your in-person programming

  • Share information about upcoming events
  • Find and contact speakers and panelists
  • Help attendees continue conversations
  • Distribute follow-up materials
  • Host digital book club conversations
  • Download the product overview PDF for details on pricing, features, and implementation.

    White glove launch support and training

    The Wisr team has years of experience in higher education with over 30 successful network launches and 100% partner retention. You will be welcomed to a powerful community of peer institutions and resources that goes far beyond simple setup and support.

    30+ partner institutions

    With over 30 successful implementations under our belts, we have developed a set of best practices to make sure your network becomes the go-to destination for networking and mentorship.

    100% partner retention

    The results speak for themselves. No partner has ever discontinued their Wisr network or switched over to a different vendor.

    45K+ active members

    Our job isn't over when your network is set up. We work with you every step of the way to make sure constituents on your campus are adopting the platform.

    On-demand marketing support

    We provide all partners with a marketing schedule guide, a dedicated account manager, and configurable engagement dashboards.

    Extensive resource library

    To make sure you get the most out of the network we give you a library of webinars, access to a community of hundreds of peer administrators, and a set of sample marketing assets.

    In-person training events

    Join us for free in-person summits run throughout the country for professional development and refining your on-campus strategy.

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