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Helping Liberal Arts Schools Across the Country Create Diverse a Community of Students and Alumni

Liberal arts schools are no strangers to unique challenges. Your institution faces pressure to differentiate your school to prospective students, demonstrate the outcome of your institution’s liberal arts degree, and constantly preserve a strong and unique campus culture.

Out of the box products aren’t always helpful in solving these challenges. Your school, your students, your alumni, and your problems are not one size fits all. You deserve a product that is able to pay attention to your specific needs.

Smaller liberal arts schools often feel underappreciated by products and software claiming to have the answer to the struggles they’re facing because they’re geared more toward big schools with more resources at their disposal.

It’s vital for liberal arts schools to demonstrate outcomes in an increasingly competitive space. Wisr is a student and alumni networking platform that provides a solution for everyone, whether your school is big or small.

Our product acts as an extension of your team to drive student success by providing them with a meaningful sense of community to help build satisfaction.

We help career services teams by giving every student the chance to receive 1-on-1 career counseling from successful alumni without adding additional staff resources.  

Our product is proven to attract young alumni, increase volunteer bases, and drive results for the annual fund, which helps alumni relations and development teams find better solutions to their challenges.

We also help tackle enrollment challenges by creating a strong selling point to parents and students to boost numbers for incoming freshmen.

Wisr impacts how liberal arts schools engage with students and alumni at all points of their college and post-college career.

Wisr is Helping Liberal Arts Schools Take Key Steps Toward Their Department Goals

Wisr is a student and alumni networking platform working with liberal arts schools, state and research institutions, and faith-based universities to improve alumni engagement and student career outcomes by facilitating alumni-to-student coaching.

Our product is making a difference for departments across the country. Interested in learning more about our product and what it can do for you? Reach out to us to schedule a demo today.

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