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We’re Helping State and Research Institutions’ Alumni Relations Teams Drive Better Engagement

State and research institutions’ alumni relations departments have huge lists of alumni to manage, and the accuracy of that information is critical to ongoing success. It’s difficult to find ways to get alumni engaged when out-of-date information is in your system or the right contact information was not initially provided.

Wisr’s student and alumni networking platform will help you build a directory of alumni with correct information: 35 percent of alumni who join our platform include a preferred email that previously wasn’t captured.

We make it easy by allowing them to link their LinkedIn profiles so your team has the right contact information at your fingertips. On average, 65 percent of alumni will create an account with Wisr using their LinkedIn profile.

The opportunity to mentor students fulfills alumni’s desire to give back to their alma mater, and also helps them stay connected with the university. Once you have a better directory, we can use our best practices from other institutions like yours to help your team know how to reach out to them and when. For example, our platform can help you drive better results and foster better relationships with young alumni as they grow in their careers.

Let Our Platform Help You Discover a Better Way to Foster Strong Alumni Engagement

Wisr is a student and alumni networking platform working with liberal arts schools, state and research institutions, and faith-based universities to improve alumni engagement and student career outcomes by facilitating alumni-to-student coaching.

Our platform is creating a way for departments to attach quantifiable value to the work they’re doing. Interested in learning more about our product? Contact us to schedule a free demo today.

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