2017 User Summit Recap

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2017 user summit

2017 User Summit Recap

Quick Victory Lap

On April 10th, Wisr hosted its 2017 user summit at Oberlin College. We were fortunate to have a wide mix of career services, alumni relations, and advancement team members from our partner institutions.

The day kicked off with a quick ‘victory lap’, reviewing the adoption data across our institutions and comparing different campus milestones.


Strategic Planning

We broke participants into cross-institutional discussion groups to discuss three main topics:

  • Strategic vision for external engagement on campus
  • Methods of student adoption and participation
  • Data priorities for alumni engagement teams

As methods and strategies were discussed, it was helpful to have these teams convert conversation topics into action items that they can bring back to campus. As a product organization, Wisr is a fan of good old-fashion post-it notes. We handed out three colors to represent Adoption GoalsSession Activity Goals, and Blockers.

 user summit

Unveiling real-time dashboards

We tried to keep a little ‘magic’ up our sleeves for the second half of our summit, and used the goals and data throughout the day to create and unveil real-time engagement dashboards for our customers.



  • Universities that bring Wisr into the classroom, as a formal part of the curriculum see rapid adoption
  • Email is very effective to getting a critical mass of alumni utilizing a new network, but is saturated for students
  • Students respond very well to referral marketing, primarily peer recommendations; Some institutions have students create marketing videos to circulate
  • Once students are in, over the initial hurdle, there has been organic growth of repeat usage (see example below of student and alum connecting for over an hour)

The ending was a ‘Hoot’

With the success of our pilot platform launch late last year, the team decided to have a little bit of fun. With conference and career fair season around the corner, we wanted to bring our owl logo to life. After handing out ballots to our partner members for a vote on a name for our new mascot….

Drumroll please…. introducing… Nestor!


Nestor signifies homecoming and wisdom in greek mythology (and also makes a great Owl name!)

Prepare your best owl puns, and look forward to seeing more of Nestor on a campus near you.

Co-founder & President

John Knific is co-founder and President of Wisr. An entrepreneur who is passionate about what education technology can do for students, John's on a mission to tackle the big challenge of getting students connected with jobs after college by engaging alumni.

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