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Powering your institution's network for

Learn how Wisr's software platform builds thriving online communities and powerful mentorship programs.

Wisr gives you the tools to connect students, alumni, staff, and faculty so you can offer everyone on campus the resources they need.

Scale up career support

Meaningfully engage alumni

Encourage mentorship

Smart recommendations to make reaching out painless

Asking for help is hard. Wisr makes it easier by analyzing members’ goals, interests, and academic backgrounds to suggest approachable next steps as well as members who can help accomplish them. Recommended members are suggested based on thousands of data points like shared interests, levels of experience, and extracurricular activities.

Search filters to help members find life-changing connections

One size doesn’t fit all. Members can zero in on advisors who match their unique needs using dozens of search criteria including industry, employer, job title, city of residence, and specific things a member has volunteered to help with. Looking for a resume review from an engineer living in New York? No problem.

Communities to give your campus’s groups a digital home

Communities help members connect based on meaningful things they have in common. Not all groups can meet up in person, and even those that can benefit from Wisr’s discussion forums, event calendars, and resource sharing tools. Whether you hope to support first-generation students, aspiring entrepreneurs, or women in STEM, communities are the perfect solution.

Call scheduling with template-style agendas

Wisr takes the headache out of writing an introductory message. Supplementing a chat feature, the call scheduler helps with planning conversations. When requesting calls, members choose from a configurable list of reasons for reaching out, and the network automatically creates an introductory message template. They just personalize a few lines and are ready to go with a well-written, professional call request.

Discussions forums to facilitate important conversations

Many members will have similar questions, so not all conversations on the network should be one-on-one. Forum-style discussions allow all members to weigh in on questions and offer advice. Whether your members are looking for the most life-changing classes, deciding where to live on campus, crafting resumes, or deciding between job offers, discussions can help.

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Bridge gaps throughout the student lifecycle.

Hit your department's goals with help from strategy courses, engagement consulting, and cutting-edge technology.

Products designed for:


Boost yield by helping prospective students and parents connect with undergrads and alumni during admissions.

Student Success

Improve student life and retention with long-term mentorship, personalized resources, and support for communities.

Career Development

Offer every student one-on-one career coaching from industry experts by leveraging your alumni.

Alumni Relations

Build powerful affinity and drive giving by connecting alumni volunteers with undergrads they can help.

Women's Networks

Create a professional support network to empower and advance women on your staff and faculty

More Use Cases

Learn more about how partners around the country are using Wisr to build communities and scale mentorship

"We knew that our previous metrics were imperfect and didn’t reflect the true scope of how often our alumni were offering mentorship. Now, we have robust analytics at our fingertips, giving us the ability to target future programming and outreach more strategically."

Holly McCormack

Dean of Career Development

"Working with Wisr has been incredible. It has always been a partnership since day one and they truly listen to our needs. It's rare to work with an online company that cares about the work you do and provides solutions to the issues you present. The Wisr team is creative, insightful, and a joy to work with."

Marissa Evans

Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Communications
Capital University

"Wisr fills a role that smaller schools don’t have the internal infrastructure to do on their own. It’s like having a new staff member!"

Amanda Ritchey

Senior Director of Alumni Engagement

"The platform itself has given us the opportunity to reconnect with alumni, update records for our users, and provide a service our students and alumni have been asking for. We are seeing the connections across generations between our students and alumni."

Justine Budisantoso

Student Outreach Specialist, Alumni Engagement

"Wisr provides a one-stop shop to engage both students and alumni. Many schools like to find one-size-fits-all solutions that attack several different problems, but we like best-in-class solutions. Wisr doesn’t manage a million other products, so we receive great customer support."

Lori Hurvitz

Executive Director of Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving

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