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Our Student and Alumni Networking Platform Sets Your School Apart

Students and alumni both want attention from your department, and sometimes keeping everyone happy is incredibly difficult. Wisr is a platform that creates a campus-wide advisory community by facilitating alumni-to-student coaching. Our networking platform can also connect alumni to alumni, underclassmen to upperclassmen, and prospectives to enrolled students.

Our process begins by working with your departments to form a launch team. This team oversees the process and checks in on the initial rollout of our software to your campus. From there we import your existing data directory to our software and provide an automatically updating data feed from LinkedIn. We help you create integrated email campaigns that use smart segmentation to maximize student and alumni engagement.


Directory Sync

Import your existing alumni directory and Wisr will provide a feed of updated profile data from LinkedIn


Integrated Campaigns

Automated email marketing campaigns with smart segmentation to maximize alumni and student engagement


Launch Team

Dedicated engagement experts with a community of active career services, alumni relations, and advancement professionals

Our platform makes connecting easy for everyone

Our platform was designed with smart solutions built around making the connection process for students and alumni simple. With our LinkedIn integration, students and alumni can create a profile with one click, and automatically start building an up-to-date directory of advisors.

We foster intelligent advising through our algorithm that helps students find alumni through communities based on their specific interests, affinities, and career goals.

Wisr lets users schedule calls and build connections without requiring anyone to leave the comfort of their inbox. Once your software is up and running, your team can capture data and create reports in real-time to let you show the value behind the work you’re doing.

How do we know this works? Wisr was built in partnership with five universities: Case Western Reserve University, Cedarville University, Denison University, Oberlin College, and the University of Chicago.

Our automated marketing tools track progress and help to bring in more alumni. If you’re interested in a more dedicated approach with one of our customer service specialists, we offer a Premium Marketing Package. Schedule a demo to learn more about what we offer.

Wisr is able to give your team time back, help fill a need for students and alumni, and gather content that teams can use for their marketing initiatives. Our platform creates a mutual “win” for all departments by helping you solve the pain points you deal with everyday.

automatic data importation


70% of students and alumni sign up with one click through LinkedIn, automatically updating your records with up-to-date career data

seamless communication


Integrated in-app messaging, email pass-through, and dial-in conference call functionality so students and alumni never need to exchange personal contact info

powerful search


Every student can find helpful guidance by advisors using name, job title, company, industry, graduation year, location, and more



Students and alumni who share a meaningful affinity or interest can start discussions, schedule events, share files, and connect even more easily

matching algorithm


AI-driven matching algorithm recommends connections based on a robust data set that considers interests, career goals, and academic background

privacy control


Customizable access controls ensure privacy and security for user profiles and communities


Interconnect Students and Alumni to Build Meaningful Communities

Our student to alumni networking platform makes everyone’s job easier by directly solving the challenges you’re facing with student satisfaction, alumni engagement, and enrollment statistics — and it’s easier to use than Facebook.

We Built a Student and Alumni Networking Platform You Can Trust

Wisr is a student and alumni networking platform that works with liberal arts schools, state and research institutions, and faith-based universities to create a platform for better alumni-to-student coaching. Our tool fosters better outcomes for students and increases alumni engagement.

Wisr helps take care of the hard work so you can focus on your department initiatives. Find out more by scheduling a free demo today.

See how Wisr can create meaningful connections on your campus