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Career & Alumni

Build and Nurture a Thriving Career Mentorship Program and Alumni Network

Harness the full power of your alumni network

Alumni and career services teams can now tap into alumni expertise and use online avenues for mentorship programming and career exploration for college students. Wisr’s Career & Alumni suite empowers your team and alumni network to drive connections with current students.  

Serving as a central location for alumni panels, AMAs, and a detailed advisor and mentor matching system, Wisr is your go-to home for keeping your alumni network involved with your school. With Gen Z entering the beginning of the student lifecycle, online connection methods will be the preference in higher education and it is only a matter of time before that bleeds to career and alumni.  

New Experiences for Long-Term Alumni Engagement

Whether you choose to make alumni engagement completely virtual or combine it with ongoing in-person events, Wisr provides all of the tools you need to share these events with your alumni network, measure their performance, and move the needle forward.

Virtual Events

Record webinars, alumni events, and other sessions to demonstrate how alumni can get involved at your institution.

Live Panels

Share an alumni panel in your network on virtually any topic, and measure how it moves alumni toward more volunteerism.


Promote, share, and measure live events that educate alumni and keep them connected to campus.

Ask Me Anything

Give young alumni the chance to ask industry leaders about career opportunities and changing industries.

Interviews & Q&As

Easily share interviews, Q&As, and other text-based posts throughout your network.

Video Updates

Share recorded video of on campus events or changes to keep alumni plugged into campus updates.

How We Help Alumni Find Opportunities

1 - Configurable Alumni & Student Tools

Configurable Alumni & Student Tools

Members select from a customizable list of goals — things they need help with — and volunteer items — things they are interested in doing to help others. Collecting this information helps you understand how members are using the network and helps members find the support they need.

2 - Personalized Dashboards & Recommendations

Personalized Dashboards & Recommendations

Every member has a personalized dashboard with suggested next steps, recommended communities, and recommended members. Together, next steps and recommended members ensure that everyone who joins the network knows exactly how to start connecting.

3 - Flexible Search Filters

Flexible Directory Search

Wisr offers full alumni directory functionality with powerful search tools. Members can filter by criteria like undergraduate major, employer, job title, city of residence, school affiliation, and volunteer items.

4 - Call Scheduling with Templated Agendas

Call Scheduling with Templated Agendas

The network bulldozes the common barriers that prevent members from reaching out to each other. Supplementing an easy-to-use chat feature, the built-in call scheduler makes it easy to plan a conversation. Members choose from a configurable list of reasons for reaching out, and the network automatically creates an introductory message template.

5 - Communities for Similar Interests & Affinities

Communities for Similar Interests and Regional Chapters

Member-created communities provide an easy way to support groups with shared interests, identities, goals, and geographic locations. Some common real-life examples of communities include Future Entrepreneurs, First-Generation Students, Charity & Non-Profit Professionals, and Alumni in New York.

6 - Mediated Discussions for Key Conversations

Mediated Discussions for Key Conversations

Many members will have similar questions, so not all conversations on the network should be one-on-one. Forum-style discussions allow all members to collectively discuss questions and offer advice. Discussions within communities help members explore topics that are especially relevant to them.

7 - Events to Help Members Connect Virtually

Events to Help Members Connect Virtually

This tool allows administrators and members to share events with people who might be interested. Events within communities can be related to the goal of the community or recent discussions. For example, a member could create an event for a pitch competition and share it in the future entrepreneurs community.

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