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We’re Helping Liberal Arts Schools Alumni Relations Departments Build Stronger Communities (and Databases!)

Young alumni are some of the hardest to engage, but they are cause driven. With the right platform, liberal arts schools’ alumni relations teams can give them a way to engage with their alma mater and feel connected.

Engaging with alumni is hard when the information you have is limited and out of date. With Wisr, 35 percent of alumni who joined provided a new preferred email that was previously not captured.

In the initial rollout, liberal arts schools’ saw that 65 percent of all alumni sync their LinkedIn account. When you use our student and alumni networking platform, we help your team understand how and when to reach out to alumni. We can even provide assistance with marketing materials in order to drive engagement and connect alumni back to the university.

Wisr’s student and alumni networking platform can help liberal arts schools’ alumni relations teams drive event attendance, volunteer numbers, and help reconnect distant alumni by fulfilling their need to give back through mentoring students and sharing experiences.

Asking for money is always a difficult conversation to have, even though it’s also a necessary one. With our database at your disposal, Wisr makes it easier to nurture alumni toward giving to their alma mater.

Our Database Can Help You Drive Better Engagement Results

Wisr is a student and alumni networking platform working with liberal arts schools, state and research institutions, and faith-based universities to improve alumni engagement and student career outcomes by facilitating alumni-to-student coaching.

Our product is making a difference for departments across the country. Interested in learning more about our product and what it can do for you? Reach out to us to schedule a demo today.

Learn more about how to get started with Wisr at the following links.

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